Skylanders Imaginators:Game Review


I’ve always thought of the Skylanders series as gateway titles for the next generation of gamers, with the series’ kid-friendly aesthetic and forgiving difficulty serving as gentle introductions to the wider world of games.

 With Imaginators, the Skylanders go further along along the gaming evolutionary path, adding RPG-like staples such as full character Skylanders Imaginators customisation, loot drops, and a Game Review more complex stats system for your weapons/gear.

Skylanders Imaginators is, in that sense, an obvious, almost inevitable next step. It’s a welcome move for the franchise, as it Game Review adds a compelling Skylanders Imaginators twist to the tried-and-true Skylanders formula.

Imaginators is, at its core, a pretty standard action platformer, and it comes up lacking when compared to the more varied and vividly imaginative recent games in the series (Superchargers and Trap Team).

It’s an twist that’s ended up being the redeeming quality for for this latest instalment.   This makes Imaginators the most interesting Skylanders to play in years, even if it’s not the most fun.But that new level of SkylandersGame Review  Imaginators customisation and the ability to constantly tinker with your character makes it feel like a different experience.

 Choosing a character class is actually a pretty big decision in Imaginators, as the classes are distinct enough that your playstyle will be Skylanders Imaginators impacted by class. This is where the tricky topic of commerce in the Skylanders Game Review series enters the conversation.

Of course, with your class locked to a creation crystal, you’ll need to buy more if you want to play as any of the others. Buying new toys to experience more of the game is a Skylanders tradition,

I played most of the game as a Bazooker class, which specialises in ranged explosives, and switching over to a more melee-focused Skylanders Imaginators Brawler class at certain points forced me to significantly alter my approach to combat situations.   that commercial element of the franchise remains the same.and while there’s a huge amount of content here that can be accessed with just the basic starter packs.

 Imaginators doesn’t quite have the same level of customisation depth as say, something like a WWE 2K17 or a Skyrim,Skylanders Imaginators  but what is there is pretty expansive. To its credit, the game doesn’t limit your ability to change how your character looks at any point.

select the pitch and tone of your character’s voice, change their battle music, and more. You can choose body parts from a wide selection of preset Game Review choices, tinker with the coloring of individual pieces,   My favorite Skylanders Imaginators piece of customisation was the ability to change catchphrases;

it always brought a smile to my face every time Nuggets, All of this customisation makes for a system where you can create a Skylander that feels pretty unique, and that you can easily get attached to because of the level of care you can Skylanders Imaginators pour into its creation.  my Bazooker character, screamed out “I’m crazy for my muscles” before heading into battle.

That’s not to say it’s boring; Imaginators’ lengthy campaign is a pleasing enough romp, but it’s one that leans a little heavily on tried and true action platformer tropes. Simple puzzles, basic platforming,

If it wasn’t for the customisation options and the constant allure of what the next loot drop will bring, Imaginators too Skylanders Imaginators would come off as a little dull It’s not groundbreaking in any sense, and certainly feels like the Game Review most rote Skylanders experience in a while. and multi-stage boss fights abound, and there are only a few instances where Imaginators breaks out of this traditional mold.