Microsoft will now PAY YOU to use its unpopular Windows 10 web browser


Edge is a minimalist new web browser launched alongside Microsoft Windows 10.

The Redmond technology firm claims its new browser is faster and more battery-efficient than Google Chrome or Firefox. One of the headline features included in the overhauled new browser is the ability to quickly scribble and annotate on webpages.

You can also use voice assistant Cortana to provide context and additional information around a topic or specific word by right-clicking within Edge.

But despite these improvements and stand-out features, Microsoft Edge has not proven particularly popular with customers.

Chrome remains the most popular choice on Windows 10, according to San Francisco-based firm Quantcast.

The Google browser – which has a number of hilarious hidden features – accounts for a staggering 70 per cent of all browser activity originating from Windows 10.

Meanwhile, Edge saw a small bump when Windows 10 rolled out worldwide – peaking at 16 per cent of all browser activity from the operating system.

Meanwhile the outdated and infamously infuriating Internet Explorer accounts for a meagre 5 per cent of traffic from Windows 10 users.

Microsoft has launched a new campaign via Microsoft Rewards – formerly known as Bing Rewards – to tempt users to its redesigned browser.

Those who sign-up for Microsoft Rewards, currently US-only, will be awarded points for using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft will monitor how much time you spend using the minimalist browser, with users required to hit 30 hours a month.

The US technology firm will also watch your mouse movements to make sure you’re using the browser properly and not tricking the system.

You are also required to set Microsoft’s Bing as your default search engine.

Microsoft Rewards also awards points to users for shopping at the Microsoft Store or using Bing.

Points can be traded-in for vouchers or store credit in StarBucks, Skype, Amazon or advert-free

The news comes as Microsoft launched a new Apple-bashing advertisement for its Surface Pro 4 hybrid.

In a similar vein to Apple’s Get A Mac television campaign – which featured the iconic “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” comparisons with David Mitchell and Robert Webb – the latest Surface advert places the iPad Pro next to the Surface Pro 4 and directly compares a number of features on each device.