Google I/O 2016: Android VR Placeholder appears on Google Play Developer site



We’ve been hearing rumours about the Android VR headset to be unveiled at the upcoming Google I/O, but looks like Google has accidentally confirmed the presence of the device.

Now, AndroidPolice has spotted a placeholder for “Android VR” in the Google Play Developer Console alongside Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto.

“The icon has appeared in the Pricing & Distribution area. Clicking doesn’t do anything yet, unlike the other platforms. The current icon is the same as that of Android Wear, which suggests that this is only a placeholder for now — that, plus further confirmation of Google’s upcoming plans,” points out the report.

Earlier co-founder of technology blogs Engadget, Gizmodo and Joystiq had tweeted out some details of a standalone Google VR headset.

The tweet followed on the heels of eagle eyed redditors spotting a mention of Google’s VR device in the Unreal Engine patch update notes. The patch notes were later changed by unreal, but referenced a plugin for Android VR. The schedule for Google’s I/O also has dedicated time for VR at Google. Moreover, a previous Android Police report said Google is also working on a controller for the Android based VR headset. (Source: Firstpost)