Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Brings noise cancellation to its wireless over-ear headphones B&O

Brings noise cancellation to its wireless over-ear headphones B&O


The Beoplay H7 lacked that important feature. Just in time for Christmas, the company is back with an update to those over-ear headphones that delivers ANC for $100 more Bang & Olufsen debuted its wireless over-ear headphones over two years ago and despite offering active noise cancellation (ANC) for its on-ear model,on the outside of the ear cups to help block out unwanted noise. The new Beoplay H9 looks nearly identical to the H7s with the only aesthetic difference being the addition of microphones.

With the H9, you can also use that touch surface to turn the noise cancellation off. You know, for all the times you need to conserve battery.  allowing you to tap and swipe to play/pause, adjust volume, skip songs or take a phone call.Those handy touch controls from the H7 are still on the outside of right ear cup,

Like the company’s other wireless headphones, the H9 has a removable battery so you can swap in a replacement should the need arise.Speaking of battery life, B&O says these new headphones will blast tunes for 14 hours with ANC turned on before requiring three hours to fully recharge. Last but not least, they play nice with the Beoplay app for Android and iOS to change sound settings, monitor battery life and download any software updates that may be released.This new model also has a battery-saving feature that will automatically turn them off in case you forget to do so.

Expect to hand over $499 (€499/£449) in order to procure a set in either black or argilla grey. If you’re looking to snag a pair, the H9 is on sale now on the B&O site and from third party retailers.



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